Best Indian Food in Town, Hong Kong




Surya Restaurant?(Surya) is a 60 seat Indian dining restaurant in a cozy atmosphere since 1987. It is located at 34-48 Mody Road, G/F, Lyton Building in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is rapidly expanding and the outlook is really promising. The area is in need of a warm and friendly place with excellent food. It is a place where you always know you will get the best of everything. Therefore, it is a place to stop in for a bite to eat, for a drink or even for a business meeting.

The menu is inspired from unique countries’ specialists and appeal to diverse clientele. Prices are competitive with other upscale restaurants in the area. It is the mission of Surya to give a perfection of higher value than its competitors, through its excellent and unique food and beverages, service and music and entertainment. We have a finest menu for customers to select from, and we offer full catering services providing everything from table settings to the dessert.

The restaurant is open seven days a week. Warm colours, fresh flowers, soft music from notable artists, candles and amazing atmosphere are the some of the key factors of the restaurant. The service is relaxed, unique, very friendly and efficient. Therefore, customers can leave it to pros and get the finest, most memorable dinner or party ever. The mission of Surya is not only to have a great testing food, but have efficient and friendly service because customer satisfaction is paramount. 

We want to be the restaurant choice for all families and singles, young and old, male and female. We look over employee welfare, which is equally important to our success. Everyone is treated fairly and utmost respect. We want our employees to feel a part of success of the restaurant. We want fair profits for the owners, and a rewarding place to work for the employees.


Our sales plan is to establish and maintain position with our local customers. The strategy is to build more customers in order to increase revenue. Sales in our business is client service. We will focus on making all our customers happy with our food, service and entertainment options. Our strategy in the restaurant is to have an experienced staff that know the food, wine and liquor. We will train every new employee so they will fit in with Surya’s concept, which is wonderful food, competitive price and knowledgeable service in an outstanding atmosphere.


Our food products are of the finest quality and prepared with sensitivity and care. We will go all the way to satisfy our guests. We will change our menu when required but we will keep your favorites. The kitchen staffs have the best in culinary education and work experience. Our creative talents will compliment one another. The bar and restaurant staffs offer the finest service in a cozy atmosphere and offer customers an extraordinarily successful evening.


Surya focuses on local and tourist restaurant seekers who have a desire for good food and a fascinating atmosphere. It intends to cater to a wide group of people. We want everyone to feel welcome and relaxed in a cozy atmosphere with a wide and varied menu. It is our goal to have something for everyone everyday on our menu.


Our strategy is simple. We intend to succeed by giving people a combination of excellent and interesting food in an environment that appeals to a wide and varied group of successful people. We focus on maintaining quality and establishing a strong identity in our community. Our main focus in marketing will be to increase customer awareness in the surrounding communities. We will direct all of out tactics and programs toward the goal of explaining who we are and what we do. Our competitive edge is the menu, the chef, the environment, the management, the service and our friendly place.


We have a finest Indian menu and our food is made with the freshest ingredients and products available. The chef has an excellent taste for what fine dining is and requires. Our environment is elegant and comfortable and our decor is warm and relaxing. The management and servers will handle every detail to make customer’s special evening even more special! All this and our great atmosphere will make customers want to come back again and again!


Our management team is well compensated and comprised of individuals whose background consists of more than 20 years experience in food, restaurant and hotels, catering, management, finance and investments and marketing as well. We have a team that has considerable experience together and shares knowledge in many different fields of business and in life.


The restaurant owner Mr. Trilok Bishwakarma has 40 years of experience in the food, hospitality and catering industry. He is responsible for company’s strategic direction and planning and overseas all aspects of company. He is also responsible for the ultimate direction, leadership, setting strategies and overseeing all business operations.